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Adobe Summit Decoded: Decoding Adobe Summit for the AEM Coding Community

Adobe Summit 2024 ushered in a number of technologies which promise to create fundamental shifts in how technologists approach the design, architecture and rollout of Digital Experience solutions and CMS solutions as whole.
Arbory Digital is proud to partner with the CXCommunity and industry technology luminaries from the Adobe community to filter through the noise and discuss the key take-aways that you should be aware of for the coming year with “Decoding Adobe Summit for the Coding Community.” Video from this meetup, held 30 May 2024, follows:

Top moments in the meetup:

Top Adobe Summit Sessions for the AEM Community

The following Adobe Summit sessions are some of our top picks for getting up to speed with new and emerging technologies released and updated at Adobe Summit 2024. These sessions are free to stream online so long as you have an Adobe account, definitely give them a watch.

Additionally, please watch our infrastructure-disruption Adobe Summit recap where several people reached out to me to ask if I was OK, or had been kidnapped & held against my will, due to my complete about-face on the subject of Edge Delivery.

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Tad Reeves

Principal Architect at Arbory Digital

AEM Architect & DevOps guy with 14 years experience on AEM/CQ and 25+ years in systems infrastructure. He’s been mountain biking longer than he’s been doing system administration, and though originally from Maine, makes his home in the mountains of Northwest Georgia.

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