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The Arbory Digital Experience Podcast!

Welcome to the Arbory Digital Experience Podcast! Available both on Youtube and the podcasting platform of your choice. Listen to interviews with thought leaders in the AEM space, learn about the latest in content management systems, and see what’s happening with Arbory Digital as a company.

Adobe Summit 2024: AEM Architecture Disruption
It’s not hyperbole that if you haven’t put considerable effort into rethinking your full site delivery stack in the last few months, you are going to want to. So please - stop reading this right now, pop in some headphones and take this podcast for a walk and consider how it might affect your environment!
Optimizing Site Performance in China for AEM & other platforms
How much do you know about the tools at your disposal to optimize your site's performance in mainland China? And even if you don't have a Chinese-language site, do you need to be concerned with in-China performance? YOU DO!
What is AEM? What is AEM used for? A basic explanation of AEM for beginners - Arbory Digital Podcast Ep6
What is AEM? What is Adobe Experience Manager used for? We’ve attempted to do a basic explanation of what AEM is and does in 30 minutes or less - and somehow we managed to make it, despite the Fire Department randomly showing up about 19 minutes into the podcast recording!

The Crossroads of AEM Platform Choices - AEM 6.5 vs AEMaaCS vs EDS - Arbory Digital Podcast Ep5

Did you know that Adobe is presently selling & supporting 3 very-different CMS / Digital Experience Platforms? Which is best for you? Veteran AEM engineers Tad Reeves and Dwayne Hale discuss.

A Career Transition from Nurse to DevOps Engineer - Arbory Digital Podcast Ep4

Join us as Justin Ranly and Hank Thobe dive into Justin's transition from a 15-year career in the medical field as a Nurse to a newfound career in computer engineering.

Adobe Summit 2023 – New Releases & Conference Recap

Tad Reeves and Hank Thobe go over their experience at Adobe Summit 2023. We review the Summit's announcements and more!

Is Self-Hosted Aem Still A Thing? ‎ ‎

Is it still possible (or advisable) to host Adobe Experience Manager outside of Adobe? Tad Reeves and Joey Smith get into it!

How To Choose A Digital Experience Platform ‎ ‎

Arbory Digital now has a technical AEM Podcasts! Raf & Tad dive into how to decide you have the right digital experience platform