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Migrating to Adobe Cloud Service from AWS or On-Premise

Moving to Adobe Cloud Service, or AEM as a Cloud Service from your current Adobe Experience Manager setup is a tough decision. There are many business and technology factors that you will want to consider before taking the leap and sometimes Adobe’s marketing and sales do not provide all of the information required to make an informed decision.

There are a handful of topics that need to be investigated before you make the move to Cloud Services from AEM.

Are you ready to move to AEM as a Cloud Service?

The answer to this question varies between every organization using AEM. You can work through Adobe’s Cloud Readiness tool to test your readiness for the move to the new configuration.

This tool will check if your system is using Adobe’s best practices to prepare you for the migration. However, keep in mind that this tool is limited and will not tell the entire story. Contact us if your organization is looking for additional guidance, and our Adobe Experience Manager Architects and Experts can review your AEM Cloud readiness.

Is it worth moving to Cloud Service?

Benefits of Moving to Adobe’s Cloud Service

Drawbacks of Moving to Adobe’s Cloud Service

Final Thoughts

The development of content management systems is constantly evolving. You do not want your organization to get stuck on a legacy, or outdated version of AEM. If you have more detailed questions about the process please reach out to us, we are happy to help!

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