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Making AEM & Edge Delivery Go CRAZY FAST - Interview with StreamX Co-Founder

This is definitely the "Year of Re-Thinking your CMS Architecture".

In this episode we talk to Michał Cukierman, CTO of Dynamic Solutions and co-founder of StreamX - a digital experience mesh for dramatically and reliably accelerating complicated dynamic content requests from the many constituent systems that make up a modern CMS deployment.

One of the core technical problems to overcome in the design of any CMS system over the last decade or more, has been the performance and reliability issues inherent in trying to composite pages from multiple customer data sources. (Above diagram courtesy of Streamx)

If you have pages that are dependent on, let’s say, a search engine, a commerce system, a product information management system (PIM) and (in the case with so many banks and financial services institutions) an interest rate API, page performance is always going to be a (sometimes-losing) battle between data freshness, caching and backend system reliability.

Even with a move to AEM Edge Delivery (Helix), or even on an entirely non-Adobe backend, one is still faced with the problem of how to architect around the availability and performance of backend systems that you now have to stitch together at the CLIENT side.

That’s where StreamX is a fascinating solution that can be used as a potential for dramatically increasing speed and reliability for complicated web/mobile experiences.

StreamX is an experience mesh that sits between your infrastructure and the customer, providing, really, an alternative to “caching” by instead streaming events at the time of update to the system. This turns the whole model of cache freshness, cache invalidation and cache-hit-ratios on its head, as it means the low-latency data closest to the customer is ALWAYS fresh, not just when a customer re-requests an update from the origin.

Please give our podcast a listen, and reach out if you’d like to discuss how new infrastructure models like this might work for your environment! Please reach out!

Tad Reeves

Principal Architect at Arbory Digital

AEM Architect & DevOps guy with 14 years experience on AEM/CQ and 25+ years in systems infrastructure. He’s been mountain biking longer than he’s been doing system administration, and though originally from Maine, makes his home in the mountains of Northwest Georgia.

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Michał Cukierman

CTO at Dynamic Solutions

Michał is a veteran AEM developer and architect, CTO of Dynamic Solutions and co-founder of StreamX. He lives in eastern Poland with his family.

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