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Managing digital content is a challenge at any scale, even more so for major brands and companies. Often choices that made sense for websites with a dozen developers are disastrous for websites with hundreds of developers, and technical decisions that worked when the site was first made break it years down the line. In 2009, Kellogg’s was experiencing these issues firsthand. Their bespoke content management model was costly, inefficient, and vulnerable to the whims of the 3rd parties it was built on. With these issues in mind, they were looking for ways to improve how they managed their web content.

After seeing their work in implementing custom components for Day CQ 5.2.5 and 5.3 (the products that would go on to become Adobe Experience Manager) in the higher education space, Kellogg’s hired Arbory Digital leadership on to oversee their transition to Day CQ 5.3. Prior to this, Kellogg’s had been on a bespoke web content managment system, based around a 3rd party Oracle database. In effect, Kellogg’s had no control over their data, a fact that was proven during the transition when the 3rd party company refused to hand over Kellogg’s data to the transition team.

To address this, the team created a custom XML schema in Day CQ 5.3. Since Kellogg’s was still able to query the database to run their existing content management system, the team designed this feed to query the existing Oracle database, retrieve the relevant data, and post it into the crx repository on their Day CQ instance. Through this, the team was able to successfully retrieve all of the hostage data. Kellogg’s transition to Day CQ 5.3 was completed on time successfully. During the transition, the team also created custom templates of Kellogg’s various recipes, products, and promotions that automatically populated with the relevant data, allowing them to create new web content in minutes that used to take hours or days to complete. This, along with the robust feature set of Day CQ, reduced Kellog’s operating costs and improved the efficiency of their developers and marketers.

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