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AEM Install Stuck on CryptoSupportInitializer

While installing AEM on a new (but low spec) Ubuntu VM our AEM installation stalled out on the following step:

*INFO* [OsgiInstallerImpl] 
com.adobe.granite.crypto.internal.CryptoSupportInitializer Starting Crypto Support (com.adobe.granite.crypto, 3.4.16) with Bundle storage

When the installation got to this process everything halted, java sputtered, and nothing happened… for a very long time.
Why? Well, this support forum gave me a clue and a solution:
The reason is that my small VM didn’t have enough “entropy” for the CryptoSupport bundle to proceed and it was waiting on my machine to create this entropy. The fix was very simple, install haveged to assist with this entropy creation as outlined on this support page:
After running apt install haveged I restarted the AEM install and it worked!

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