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Podcast: The Crossroads of AEM Platform Choices - AEM 6.5 vs AEMaaCS vs EDS

Did you know that Adobe is presently selling & supporting 3 very-different CMS / Digital Experience Platforms? With the recent release of Adobe’s AEM Edge Delivery Services, this now adds to the existing AEM 6.x and AEM as a Cloud Service offerings to create a huge variety of offerings that can fit a vast variety of use cases and workloads. But the highly variable feature set, the disparity in best-fits for various environments and requirements, and the lack of crystal clarity around such makes for an interesting question: “What’s right for my workloads?” Veteran AEM engineers Tad Reeves and Dwayne Hale discuss.

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Tad Reeves
Principal Architect at Arbory Digital

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Dwayne Hale
AEM Engineer at Arbory Digital

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